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Rafn Analytics Studio is an ETL and data analytics tool that is provided free of change for personal and non-commercial use. It is built on the idea that  data prep and analysis should be uncomplicated, affordable and collaborative. This is Rafn Analytics Studio in a nutshell:


Drop a file (.csv, .txt, Excel, XML, Json, .doc) in the main data window or get data from a database (MS Access, SQL Server, SQLite, MySQL) by table or query. Then use more than 100 out-of-the-box  tools to transform, analyze and visualize the loaded data, and export the result to a new file (Excel, delimited, XML, Json) or to a database. Checking the "Save Workflow" checkbox will make Rafn Analytics Studio save your every action into a repeatable workflow. Use the camera utility to make Rafn Analytics Studio recognize your source data and run the appropriate workflow automatically. With Fuzzy recognition mode activated, your source data will be recognized even if it is not identical every time.


Workflows can easily be imported and exported. Drag workflow files into the application, or even into other workflows to build new ones, just like you would add pieces to a jigsaw puzzle. Missing a tool? New tools can be patched into Rafn Analytics Studio with no need for reinstalling the application


Check out our overview video, or dive into the tutorial section. Our forum can be used to share workflows and best practices with other users.


The current version of the application should be considered a beta version. Any bug reports or suggestions for improvements are appreciated.


If you wish to use the tool commercially or if you wish to inquire about custom made tools, send us an email.


Contact us in the forum or at